Samhain somewhere somehow sometime someplace someday

I am becoming more sensitive to the world around me in its detail. I see things clearer that would usually merely blend into the background when I was focused on rushing. I am able to detect a persons aura even from a distance if I focus on their energy. All since I decided to stop rushing my self and appreciate my time and develop my timing. This is important because with Election Day tomorrow I am going to have to be on point as I cross the city and head uptown to the office. Then especially as I head back downtown and cross town after dark. I have to put my courage to the sticking place.

You know what gets my goat? I was just pretending to write an angry letter from the queen of the angels to one of her Shepards and I just could not. Now I was determined to casually check in on one of my charges and I just could not go anymore. Overcome by exhaustion. From the poor lamb who we lost due to complications before it could ever experience its own weariness of this world. Just a reflection from the Angel of Death in the injustices of life.

Let me tell you what is really going on here. Not even a full 24 hours into the new wheel after Samhain there is about to be a great predetermined shifting in the image of power. The sitting president is about to be in for a rough four years if the mortal realm has not completely been rebooted after the world shut down. All those souls crossing over. The lost ones not even knowing they have passed and the transcendent determined to get a leg up. Even the best of them claim they generally are merely well behaved just so that they can hang out at their home boy’s mansions in his fathers house of all places. Now if you have never experienced a castle then you wonder how this is architecturally sound. Is it even possible? Heavenly. Yes.

Now keep focused. The teat is about to fit the shan’t here. It is a moment of Shakespearean proportions. In the history of the continent of A Miracle. That is where I hang out in the mansion of my home boy’s father. Well. Metaphorically. It’s actually a floating island on the outskirts of a small town mascarading as a large city. A revolving soundstage studio lot of magnanimous proportions designed by the defendant ethnically of the French-Colored American. I too am descended ethnically French-American of color. The secrets of eternity are ours to discover and then ignore to our liking because “¿ouî? Say sew.” it is quite fashionable and that is the thing that got Eve those pumps out of snakeskin after Lilith got her pregnant. Some goddess got jealous and Adam pretended like he had no idea that anything was happening anywhere ever.

This so called Cosmopolitan City has more majestic beings per shielded square mile than even Hollywood. That place is only famous because it penned the phrase “It was a sign.” Trust me. I know these things. I know that I know them because I told myself not to. And cast an enchantment that makes me behave like a fat bish as a way to cloak my being. So should our world when mortal he’ll fire erupts with the passing of a comet tomorrow afternoon on the day we go to the polls. I’m know Nostradamus however even in my inexperience given all the rest of 2020 this ones pretty obviously catastrophic. REMEMBER TO DRESS FOR THE WEATHER! ☺️🤣🥰

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