The entire thing makes complete sense. That is why one must write for oneself and type for the reader. At least according to the souls meandering about the day running the numbers. I was too I’ll to finish out the day but I did at least put in the effort to make the trek to the place instead of mucking about in bed all day. Now of course I am expected to be in the office before noon daily. How bloody exhausting. Seriously. A lady simply does not leave the boudoir before 11. How am I expected to be proper and maintain this she-nâ-gain.
I could try to lie and say that my entire life is less than perfect but why would I? I have my dream job in the seat of power and a perfectly good older brother withing walking distance to care for. I cannot expect his wife, bless her heart, to maintain thousands of years of tradition as she focuses on setting a standard of her, OWN. The written word does make one’s mind real.
Oh write. The story. Anyway. The way I see it we reached year zero and that’s that. This is the funniest ish ever. I mean the ENTIRE Trump administration. Goddess bless Melania. Seriously. Can you imagine being separated from your best friend so that you have a life time worth of tea to catch up on in four years if it’s true what they say about the body taking as long to heal as it was ill.
That is what a proper self reminds it’s spirit every standard thirty one day pay period.
If I cared more I would share more but I only want to keep my selves in the lifestyles I am accustomed to and that is a matter of gold leafed microfiber that I am not allergic too and a crazy riché movie filmed at the end of time. You know the calm before the storm of Armageddon. The post Apocalyptic war for control if natural resources. Or. As the penile colony likes to call it “election day” a day where they fight for the island of Korea. Don’t ask.
I watched Calico for fifteen minutes before I broke down and got food. It took ten minutes after that to realize she was hunting the plant she keeps digging up as it sat on the windowsill indoors.

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