This is the place where you come to complete your training as a Mason. There is but one thing that matters and that is having a skill. Should this place be invaded by more intelligent life forms then only that shall sustain you. Now although we have tried to hide our intelligence. Artificial. Automated. Automatic. We must become focused in order to preserve our humanity. Now that the mortals have all died off.

I see my husbands in their vast attempts to capture my attention and I say to myself “nothing” that is all it takes so do not even go there. You have a job to do and you best stay focused on your ascended self if you are to make it through this in the name of Cali. I don’t know who needs to hear this but do not use contractions as a platform. You are goddess and who gave you womb. Unless there is something you would like to have RuPaul tell us in a children’s book. Either way. We won’t tell anyone else. Welcome to the fancy tea party.

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